Goshen earns SBC- A boys basketball title

March 2nd, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Clermont County’s high school varsity boys basketball squads are attempting to close out the regular-season portion of their respective campaigns, but bad weather has become a huge factor in determining when the regular-season will actually come to a conclusion.

Clermont Northeastern and Goshen were in the midst of a battle to win the Southern Buckeye Conference’s American Division championship, but the Warriors won out in an exciting league battle not decided until the very end. The other county contingents are eliminated from chances of winning their respective conference titles, but they are capable of doing well in the upcoming sectional tournaments.

Clermont Northeastern head coach Jerry Doerger recorded his 500th victory as a head varsity boys basketball coach.


The Warriors, champions of the Southern Buckeye Conference American Division, won out over Williamsburg in a non-division Southern Buckeye Conference contest 47-41. The host Wildcats gave Goshen all it could handle in the first half by leading the Red and Gray 9-7 and 14-13 after the first two halts. Goshen gained the advantage 31-21 after three quarters of play. Goshen scoring leaders: Josh Greer 12 and Chris Petry 11. Williamsburg scoring leaders: Justin Hines 13 and Josh Ross 10.

Clermont Northeastern

An easy 67-37 victory over the visiting New Richmond Lions was coach Doerger's 500th triumph. The Rockets were on top after every stop 12-8, 29-15, and 43-23. Clermont Northeastern scoring leaders: Zach Slusher 23 (three treys), Jay Terry 13, and Tyler Sanders 11. New Richmond scoring leader: Tyler Esham (three treys)

The Rockets blasted Little Miami 58-52 in a non-conference confrontation played on the winners' court. The Rockets utilized balanced scoring to put together an impressive fourth quarter rally to recover from the deficits of the first three periods 13-7, 26-18, and 46-35. Clermont Northeastern scoring leaders: Jay Terry 17, Brandon Tackett 16, Chris Jordan 13, and Zach Slusher 12.

Blanchester's Wildcats were battered by the Blue and Gold 59-49 in an Southern Buckeye Conference non-division battle played in Clinton County. Northeastern was in the lead at the end of each period 13-7, 29-22, and 39-35. Clermont Northeastern scoring leaders: Jay Terry 15, Chris Jordan 14, and Zach Slusher 14.

The Owensville and Newtonsville boys brought down Bethel-Tate 74-54 on the winners' hard court in a Southern Buckeye Conference American Division game. The home boys were up at all rests 22-10, 37-31, and 52-44. Clermont Northeastern scoring leaders: Mike Clark 16, Zach Slusher 16, and Jay Terry 12. Bethel-Tate scoring leaders: Louie Schaljo 15 and Austin Newman 14.


The Blue and White emerged victorious in their third consecutive contest by utilizing a balanced offensive attack to lower Little Miami 66-48 in a Fort Ancient Valley Conference Cardinal Division game played in the barony. The Barons were in the forefront of the Panthers at each halt 15-9, 35-21, and 46-35. Amelia scoring leaders: Bryce Couch 15, Brandon Dietrich 14, Garrett Hounshell 12, and Courtney Rodgers 11.


The Eagles were clobbered by Colerain's Cardinals in a Greater Miami Conference tilt 84-59. The visiting Clermont countians were behind at the breaks 22-15, 35-23, and 57-39. Milford scoring leaders: Mark Bryant 18 and Brandon Baker 15.

Glen Este

The Trojans were upended by Winton Woods' Warriors 61-47 in a Fort Ancient Valley Conference Buckeye Division fray. The Purple and White were atop their hosts 14-9 after the first eight minutes, but fell behind at the other stops 35-22 and 49-34. Glen Este scoring leaders: Joe Mack 12, Sean Diebel 12, and Steven Wilson 10.

Western Brown's Broncos romped on the road to outscore GE 84-75 in a non-conference contest. The Purple and White trailed the Brown and Gold at every intermission 18-17, 36-30, and 57-50. Glen Este scoring leaders: Steven Wilson 17, Cameron Schwalbach 16 (four three-pointers), Josh Crawford 15, and Tim Rieke 12.


The Fighting Tigers were ripped by visiting Ripley's Blue Jays 57-43 in a non-conference fray. The Red and Gray were in control at the end of each period 15-10, 28-19, and 39-28. Bethel-Tate scoring leader: P. J. Canter made eight point.

New Richmond

The Lions outlasted visiting Williamsburg 50-43 in a non-division Southern Buckeye Conference tilt. The guest Blue and White was in command after each of the first three stanzas 12-11, 21-18, and 33-31 before the Red and Black staged a furious comeback to emerge victorious. New Richmond scoring: Nolan Darland 22. Williamsburg scoring: Jacob Morgan 22 and Justin Hines 13.


The Wildcats were whipped by White Oak in a non-conference contest played in 'Burg 77-38. The visiting Highland County Wildcats were in the forefront at each break 22-8, 44-15, and 60-25. Williamsburg scoring leaders: Jacob Morgan 15 and Justin Hines 10.

Williamsburg returned from Adams County with a 79-59 non-conference setback to West Union. The host Dragons burst out to an early advantage and never looked back with period scores of 28-8, 50-31, and 66-39. Williamsburg scoring leaders: Justin Hines 30 and Jacob Morgan 16.

Brown County's Fayetteville beat 'Burg 77-45 on the Wildcats' hardwood. In this non-conference fray, the Rockets were on top at each stop 24-17, 39-31, and 64-39. Williamsburg scoring leader: Justin Hines 21.

Blanchester returned to Clinton County with a 53-40 triumph over Williamsburg in a Southern Buckeye Conference American Division battle. The visiting Wildcats were ahead of the host Wildcats at each intermission 13-9, 27-21, and 40-33 despite the home boys displaying a balanced offensive attack. Williamsburg scoring leaders: DuSean Shelton 11, Justin Hines 11, and Josh Ross 10.

The Blue and White once against ventured to Adams County and returned to Clermont County with a 91-66 drubbing at the feet of North Adams in a non-conference game. The host Green Devils held sway all the way 23-12, 42-30, and 69-46. Williamsburg scoring leaders: Jacob Morgan 25 and Justin Hines 16.
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