Unbeaten Baron boy bowlers best in FAVC-C

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Amelia’s boys varsity bowling team completed its regular season undefeated.

This is a particularly good year for this accomplishment. This is the first year the Ohio High School Athletic Association has recognized bowling as a bonafide varsity sport with a state championship to be contended for by teams throughout the state.

The Barons concluded the 2006-07 campaign with a Fort Ancient Valley Conference Cardinal Division (FAVC-C) record of 8-0 and they were 15-0 overall.

The regular season ended at Cherry Grove Lanes in a Super Bowl versus arch-rival Glen Este. The Trojans, too, enjoyed a successful season with a 6-4 FAVC Buckeye Division (FAVC-B) record (third place) and 13-7 overall.

The Amelia varsity boys bowling team, undefeated and champion of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference Cardinal Division. Team members, left to right, row one, Dan Ruggerio, Chris Pfaffroth, Joshua Kellerman, and Brandon Huber; row two, head coach Tony Kellerman, Wes Lukemire, Chris Andler, and assistant coaches Kirk Merman and Don Newklirk.
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Unfortunately for Glen Este, Amelia bowled a school record high of 2929 and the Purple and White rolled a very respectable 2564.

Amelia's individual two-game totals were Joshua Kellerman 471, Wes Lukemire 458, Chris Pfaffroth 449, Brandon Huber 436, and Dan Ruggerio 379. Glen Este's scores were Mike Jones 429, Matt Clyburn 401, Kevin Briggs 366, Dustin Brinson 351, and Ryan Leinberger 345.

In the girls match-up at the super bowl, Glen Este was the victor 2205-1791. The Trojans' individual two-game scores were Rachel Ruehlman 336, Katie Georg 322, Terri Reed 319, Noelle Beagle 289 and Michelle O'doll 286. The Barons' scores were Amber Kellerman 310, Ashley Durel 248, Abby Smith 238, Tone Forsell 216, and Megan Radcliff 215.

"It's tremendous that the first year for a high school league and tournament recognized by the state we win the league championship and are unbeaten," said Amelia coach Tony Kellerman.

"They earned everything they got. In the league they had the highest Baker average, the highest team total and were second in team average and in the power rating. We've proven we're better than people thought we were."

Kellerman was very proud of his seniors. Joshua Kellerman, his son, was a co-captain and is "being recruited by four of the top 10 colleges in the U.S. with bowling programs." Co-captain Chris Pfaffroth was "very improved."

Both were four-year varsity bowlers. Dan Ruggerio and Brandon Huber completed the senior quartet that coach Kellerman said was "four guys you couldn't ask more of who worked great together and were great leaders." Sophomore Wes Lukemire very capably rounded out the starting five.

He was also very proud of the fact that "the West Clermont teams worked together and we pushed each other."

The loss of four talented seniors should force the program into a phase of rebuilding, but Kellerman pointed out the junior varsity boys were also 15-0. At the first junior varsity tournament in the area, the Western Bowl JV Tournament, Amelia was second behind Elder.

A total of 14 teams competed including LaSalle, Moeller, St. Xavier, Princeton, Hamilton, and Fairfield. Elder's total pin count was 3567 and the Barons knocked down 3420. Freshman Zac Vestring made the all-tourney team with a 602 three-game series. The other keglers on this stellar squad were Chris Andler, Joshua Brafford, B. J. Broyles, Matt Dameron, Evan Risley, and Jesse Radcliff.

"We'll be strong next year," said Kellerman. "This year's team's success came down to HEART, heart, effort, attitude, respect, and teamwork."

Glen Este coaches Kathy DeMarko and Tom Huber had praise for their boys, too.

"This year was definitely a crazy roller coaster ride with our ups and downs," said DeMarko.

"They tried hard not to make mistakes and when you do that you make mistakes," said Huber.

"The prospects for the future is strong. We've got a good group of boys who are close-knit. They hang out together," DeMarko said. "Our captains Kevin Briggs and Matt Clyburn really stepped up and provided good senior leadership.

"Spare shooting was our weakness, but we had a strong team this year and they'll we good again next year." The GE JV was 17-3 for the season.

The GE mentors also had plenty of praise for the girls who were 14-3 overall and 8-2 (second place in the FAVC-B).

"We have a talented team. There was a lot of competition among themselves," said DeMarko.

"Hopefully we'll have good senior leadership again next year."

Said Huber, "We'll have a strong team coming back. We'll be solid."

The coaches pointed out that Terri Reed and Sarah Haven were the seniors. Captain Noelle Beagle, Katie Georg, and Michelle O'dell are the juniors and Rachel Johnson is a sophomore. Moving up to the varsity next year are two "good" sophomores - Katie Rowe and Sarah Ziegler.

Amelia girls were 2-13 overall and 2-6 (fourth place) in the FAVC-C.

"I'm proud of them," said coach Kellerman. "At the beginning we had just two girls (Kellerman and Durel) out for the team. Some of the girls who said they'd be back didn't show up. We had three girls come out who'd never bowled before.

"The team really improved a lot. The highlight was how well we did at the FAVC Tournament (finishing in the middle of the 14-team tournament).

"I'm positive about the future of the program. We're working to get more girls out. If they work over the summer and we get more girls to come out and have enough for a JV team we have a chance to really grow... If the girls want to bowl we can teach them how to bowl."

According to FAVC team statistics, Glen Este's boys had the best regular game average of 1068 and Amelia was second with 974. Amelia led with a Baker average of 199 and GE was third with 190. Overall, GE led with an overall average score of 2896 and the Barons were second with 2744.

Chris Pfaffroth's 10-frame average of 217 was the best among all three divisions of the FAVC (his high game was 287). Joshua Kellerman was fifth in average with a 209 (279), Dustin Brinson was eighth (203, 277), Chris Andler, 12th, (198, 267), Matt Clyburn and Kevin Briggs tied for 14th (195, 256) and (195, 259), respectively, Wes Lukemire, 19th, (192, 244), Brandon Huber, 21st, (191, 279), Mike Jones, 21st, (191, 278), Ryan Leinberger, 29th, (187, 256), Dan Ruggerio, 49th, (168, 252), and Shane Simpson, 56th, (161, 203).

On the distaff side of the lane, Glen Este was third with an overall average of 2182 and Amelia was 12th with 1736. Regular average-wise, GE was third with a 777 and Amelia was 13th with a 614. Baker average, the Trojans were second with 157 and the Barons were 11th with 127.

Individual 10-frame averages were Michelle O'doll, 12th, (163, 244), Amber Kellerman, 12th, (163, 203), Noelle Beagle, 17th, (158, 198), Rachel Ruehlman, 20th, (157, 223), Katie Georg, 22nd, (155, 203), Terri Reed, 23rd, (153, 199), Rachel Johnson, 24th, (150, 225), Sarah Haven, 32nd, (146, 193), Ashley Durel, 67th, (126, 182), Tone Forsell, an exchange student from Sweden who had never bowled before, 84th, (114, 163), Megan Radcliff, 87th, (111, 147), and Abby Smith, 96th, (102, 134).

Following are the scores of the most recent battles with the top scores of the two-game totals of the Clermont County keglers.

Baron boys: Amelia 2896 Wilmington 2481 (Andler 478, Pfaffroth 440, Huber 432, Kellerman 407, and Lukemire 351). Amelia 2831 McNicholas 2301 (Pfaffroth 516). Amelia 2770 Little Miami 1878 (Pfaffroth 494 and Kellerman 424). Amelia 2712 Wilmington 2605 (Pfaffroth 459, Kellerman 402, and Huber 384). Amelia 2594 Walnut Hills 2153 (Pfaffroth 420). Amelia 2792 Walnut Hills 2353 (Pfaffroth 450, Huber 437, and Kellerman 397). Amelia 2466 Turpin 2178 (Pfaffroth 443). Amelia 2737 Northwest 2657 (Kellerman 443, Pfaffroth 400, and Lukemire 398).

Trojan boys: Glen Este 2605 Winton Woods 2334. Anderson 2763 Glen Este 2571 (Clyburn 457). Glen Este 2574 Loveland 2459. Glen Este 2733 McNicholas 2457 (Clyburn 414, Briggs 411, Jones 408, Leinberger 370, and Simpson 350). Mason 3005 Glen Este 2853. Glen Este 2811 Anderson 2727 (Jones 460, Brinson 430, and Briggs 429). Glen Este 2746 Loveland 2631 (Brinson 503). Harrison 2608 Glen Este 2382. Mason 2845 Glen Este 2644. Glen Este 2565 Little Miami 2044 (Briggs 490). Glen Este 2845 Harrison 2801 (Clyburn 450, Leinberger 411, Briggs 388, Jones 374, and Brinson 349). Glen Este 2799 Winton Woods 2380 (Clyburn 489, Brinson 428, and Jones 348).

Trojan girls: Winton Woods 2277 Glen Este 2121. Glen Este 2222 Anderson 1966 (O'doll 357). Glen Este 2215 Loveland 2019. Glen Este 2177 Mason 2164. Glen Este 2025 Anderson 1821. Glen Este 2124 Loveland 2085 (Beagle 360). Glen Este 2184 Harrison 2126. Glen Este 2334 Mason 2080. Glen Este 2276 Little Miami 2049 (O'doll 387 and Ruehlman 330). Glen Este 2219 St. Ursula 2016 (Reed 341, Georg 339, and O'doll 335). Glen Este 2246 Harrison 1986 (Ruehlman 384, George 328, and Beagle 314). Winton Woods 2459 Glen Este 2100 (Georg 314).

Baron girls: Wilmington 2593 Amelia 1794 (Kellerman 287 and Durel 286). McNicholas 1984 Amelia 1814 (Kellerman 309). Little Miami 1867 Amelia 1803 (Kellerman 311 and Durel 282). Wilmington 2550 Amelia 1789 (Kellerman 321 and Durel 281). Walnut Hills 1734 Amelia 1731. Walnut Hills 1882 Amelia 1712 (Radcliff 269 and Kellerman 254). Amelia 1682 Turpin 1659 (Kellerman). Northwest 2197 Amelia 1781 (Kellerman 289).
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