West Clermont literacy specialist publishes book for teachers

February 2nd, 2007    Author: Michael Bradley    Filed Under: News

West Clermont School District literacy specialist Tanny McGregor has written a book called “Comprehension Connections: Bridges to Strategic Reading.”

The book, which took a year and a half to write and is being published by respected educational publisher Heinemann, will be in bookstores Feb. 15.

“Comprehension Connections is about reading comprehension,” McGregor said in her office Jan. 29. “It gives teachers practical ways to help kids make thinking visible. It enables kids to keep track of their thinking and helps teachers explain in concrete ways the abstract processes that we utilize in comprehending texts.”

Tanny McGregor
McGregor, who was born in Phoenix and raised in the Tri-County area, has been pondering writing a book since the age of five. She has worked for the West Clermont school district for the last 18 years; 13 of those were spent teaching at the Holly Hill Elementary School.

As West Clermont's literary specialist, McGregor works in all 12 district schools, kindergarten through tweltfth grades. She facilitates the literary lab programs where teachers are out observing each other, she conducts grade level meetings, teaches demonstration lessons, and coaches teachers with any problems that they may have.

Comprehension Connections, the first book that McGregor has written, has art, music, and hands-on ideas to get into the minds of kids and help them understand some of the really difficult texts that West Clermont and many other students are given as part of the curriculum (many district students and students are featured in the book).

"A lot of teachers are familiar with something called proficient reader research," McGregor said. "This is what good readers do when they are reading. Most teachers understand the abstract things but it is sometimes difficult to put those ideas into words for kids."

So her hope is that through some of the ideas that she presents in the book teachers will be able to translate the ideas directly into their classrooms and help kids understand all of the available strategies that can be used in the comprehension of fiction, non-fiction, test readings, textbooks, and anything else they may encounter.

McGregor, whose husband Miles is a retired West Clermont teacher, will appear at Border's March 23 for a book-signing.

As part of teacher appreciation week, "Comprehension Connections: Bridges to Strategic Reading," with a foreword by Stephanie Harvey, will be showcased at the International Reading Association's annual Conference in Toronto this May.
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