Clermont County youth dominate CNE wrestling tournament

February 2nd, 2007    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Clermont Northeastern hosted a youth wrestling tournament recently.

Following are the top four local finishers in each weight class. Included are Batavia (Bat), Bethel (Bet), Clermont Northeastern (CNE), Goshen (Gos), and McNicholas (McN).

3/4 years old (36-40 pounds): Cole Bray (CNE, third). 5/6 (36-38): Justin McGowan (CNE, first) and Chase Huff (Gos, second). 5/6 (39-41): Chandler Miller (Gos, first) and Gage Bray (CNE, second). 5/6 (42-44): Daron Hickey (Bet, second) and Clayton Young (CNE, third).

4/5 (46-47): Hunter Norris (CNE, second). 5/7 (46-47): Jared Brown (CNE, fourth). 5/6 (48 pounds): Austin Standring (CNE, fourth). 6/7 (48-49): Garen Reynolds (CNE, third). 6 yrs. old (50-53): Dalton Reynolds (Gos, third). 5/6 (68-70): Zachary Perrine (Bet, first).

6/7 (79-80): Dougie Widner (Gos, second). 8/9 (47-52): Daunte Tallarigo (Bat, first) and Jesse Gambrel (CNE, third). 8/9 (54-59): Robby Godbey (CNE, first). 8/9 (60-64): Kody Curless (Bet, first), Nathaniel Nace (CNE, second), and Mason Moore (McN, third). 8/9 (66-69): Richard Bauman (Bat, third). 8/9 (76-78): Jacob Knechtly (Bat, third). 8/9 (80-84): Benjamin Ratcliffe (Bet, first), Matthew England (Bet, second), and Zach Nobel (McN, fourth). 8/9 (84-89): J. D. Colonel, Jr. (Bat. third). 8/9 (93-100): Blake Hale (Bat, first) and Brandon Fath (Gos, fourth). 8/9 (132-139): Donald Hahn (CNE, first).

10/11 (55-61): Ronald Pasley (Bat, second) and Tyler Runion (CNE, fourth). 10/11 (61-67): Dyaln Glover (Bat, third). 9/11 (154-158): Storm Cole (CNE). 10/11 (68-74): Josh McCloskey (Bat, first). 10/11 (77-81): Dakota Smith (CNE, third) and Anthony Gatto (Bat, fourth). 10/11 (82-84): Jonathan Tallarigo (Bat, first). 10/11 (90-94): Josh Fortner (CNE, fourth). 10/11 (98-100): Clay Cousino (CNE, first). 10/11 (100-108): Steven Bender (Bat, third). 10/11 (113-118): Jack Fetters (Bat, second) and Brandon Royce (Bat, third).

11/12 (125-133): Cody Dunaway (Gos, third). 12 years old (81-88): Chip Ratcliffe (Bet, first) and Dylan Creager (CNE, fourth). 12/13 (103-110): Zach Chandler (McN, first), Brian Robertson (Gos, second), and Alex Morford (Gos, third). 12 years old (112-117): Noah Elsmore (first). 12/13 (146-148): Chris Dorsenking (McN, first) and Aaron Worley (Gos, second).
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