Union Township Trustees waiting for firehouse designs

January 11th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

The Union Township board of trustees will have to wait a little longer to make a decision as to the design of a new fire house. The new station, which will be located on Bach-Buxton Road, is currently in the design stage, but a strong dose of winter illness has delayed that process for the near future.

“Unfortunately, we have not received a report on the review of the bids from the independent contractor,” said Union Township Fire Chief Stan Deimling. “Apparently, this is due to widespread illness within that company. I don’t have an indication at this point when we will receive that report. The board may want to set a special meeting to award that contract based on when we get it. I’ll keep the board informed of the status of this.”

The trustees agreed to plan either a special meeting or incorporation of the process into their next regular meeting depending on when the plans are submitted to the township.

The trustees also approved a pair of zoning issues, including one that will bring a Sonic drive-in restaurant to the Eastgate area. The new eatery will be located in a grassy area in front of the Eastgate Pavilion center, which houses Best Buy and Petsmart.

"This is a non-conforming parcel of .8172 acres, which is below the 40,000 minimum square footage for a lot," said Zoning director Cory Wright. "Also, the applicant is requesting additional signage as part of the development, and that would be wall signs. This is located along the west side of Eastgate Boulevarde 250 feet north of the Aicholtz Road intersection."

According to Wright, the area has seen some recent developmental activity, and the new 32,000+ square foot development would fit in with the overall plan for that part of the township.

"They have designed the facade to try and blend in with the existing structures, adding a high-quality look to the building," said Wright. "Landscaping appears to be adequate and attractive, and there will be no pole signs. That lack of pole signs has been compensated for by the additional wall signage."

With the approval, the restaurant could be open for business in as little as four months.

The trustees also approved the major modification of an existing development known as Wetherby Farms, located at the intersection of Clough Pike and Glen Este-Withamsville Road. The change will remove a planned section of the development for replacement with a different type of structure.

"This is an R4 major amendment to Weatherby Farms," said Wright. "They wish to replace the duplex style condominium units in this area of the development with 39 town home style landominiums."

The change would increase green space a little, by about 1.5 acres, but also increase density slightly. The development was approved in 2004 for 465 units. Jim Watson, who represented M/I Homes who is building the development, said that the new design would be more valuable and pleasing to customers.

"They all would have been 1,750 square feet," said Watson. "Starting price would have been $160,000. With the building we are proposing now, each building will have two units with 2,200 square feet, two units with 2,100 square feet and then two units that are 1,750 square feet. The starting price is again $160,000, and for the larger unit is $180,000. It provides a better value, and the market being the way it is, they are selling well in the Columbus area and we anticipate they will sell well here also."

The trustees approved the measure, in part based on pictures of an identical structure that is being built at an M/I Homes development in Columbus. Trustee Matt Beamer moved to accept the change, with the provisions that a landscaping plan be approved by the township, the structures look exactly like the one in Columbus and that the external materials used in the structure be approved for color by the township before construction begins.
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