Pierce Township Trustees negotiate for second cell tower

January 5th, 2007    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

Shortly after the completion of a cell tower in a Pierce Township Park, the trustees are in negotiations to construct a second cell tower on township property.

According to township administrator David Elmer, the township has negotiated with T-Mobile to install the new tower, but haven’t completed any agreements yet. However, the decision could be made as early as next week.

“I’ll present to the board a lease agreement at the Jan. 9 trustee meeting,” said Elmer. “In general, the comments from the public has been a concern about towers with a light on them. They don’t want the light.”

Previously, a Cincinnati Bell tower was constructed in one of the township parks. However, the proposed tower will not be located near that one, but will be located near another communications tower.

"The site of the new tower, as it currently stands, is the park across the street from the township administration building," said Elmer. "It's in the same general vicinity as Clermont County's communications tower. The proposed tower will be for cellular use only."

The tower proposed a few months ago by Cincinnati Bell has been completed, said Elmer, and should be operational soon. It will also be used by a few other big names in cellular service. However, the location of that tower didn't fit into the coverage needs of the T-Mobile service.

"The Cincinnati Bell tower is already up, although I don't believe it is operable yet," said Elmer. "They are working on finishing it up. We had a very nice deal with Cincinnati Bell. They have received applications to co-locate with Cingular and Verizon. Unfortunately, T-Mobile didn't find that location to meet their coverage needs. They were looking to do a tower in this area on private property directly across the street from the Cincinnati Bell tower. We had discussions with them and asked if they would entertain building in a location that's not on private property. That would have placed it in the back yards of several existing homes. That proposal would also have created a tower tall enough to require a light, which is a major concern for most residents in the area. An suitable area is our park, so we are negotiating a contract with them, although it's not been signed or sealed."

On the existing tower, the township receives a monthly lease payment of $1,500 from Cincinnati Bell. They also collect a 34 percent portion of any co-location fee and a three percent annual rent escalation.
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