Batavia Township Trustees discuss sufficiency of emergency access road

December 1st, 2006    Author: Rodney Beckwith    Filed Under: News

The Batavia Township Trustees hope to resolve the placement and creation of an emergency access road at the Lexington Run development after Central Joint Fire Chief Kevin Riley said that current plans would not be sufficient to support the department’s fire trucks.

The plan presented by Lexington Run would include a type of pavement that is covered with grass to hide it’s existence.

Denise Kelley, zoning administrator for the township, presented the issue to the trustees.

“Kevin doesn’t believe that the geoweb pavers are sufficient surface for him to drive his firetrucks across,” said Kelley. “The trucks weigh 50,000 pounds and he doesn’t believe the pavers will work.”

The issue of an emergency access was first brought up when the development was approved. A condition of that approval was a discussion to be held at a later date about the access. The emergency access is planned to be located coming off of Ross Road to a latter phase of the development.

"We're at a standstill on this," said Kelley. "They don't want it actually paved because they feel this will be more attractive. This is an underground system that actually has grass growing over it so trucks can cross it where necessary. I can tell them to put actual paving in given that it was one of the conditions of the approval, but we want to know what you guys think."

The underground system is composed of a series of pavers that are designed to provide stability to the soil. Above them, a thin layer of dirt will be placed and seeded to provide for a natural look to the development. The problem is, if the pavers can't support the weight, then very little stability will be provided should a truck attempt a crossing. Trustee Archie Wilson said that, as much as Riley said the fire trucks weigh, some consideration may need to be given to area bridges as well.

"When we talked about it, it was a secondary emergency exit only," said Wilson. "They never wanted it paved, and it's silly to pave all the way to the street. If the bridges can't hold 50,000 pounds, that's a lot of weight to put on this."

The service department also said that there was concern that moving snow removal vehicles across the paving system may prove risky, should the occasion arise. The trustees decided to table the discussion until both the fire chief and service director could be present.
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